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    • Petra

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      jellyfishinswanriver comments on the moments before i lost my bikini bottom Even the 35 round drums have issues and Hasbro improvement was only 25 rounds. The foam body of the darts isn rigid enough to withstand the spring force necessary to push 50 darts without being crushed. A completely di...

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      • Jephcott

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        The smell of the beach. The misty blue horizon. Her little mutters and scuffles in my ear, the sand on my feet, her warm hand in mine as we both watched the sea lion. I also helped get rid of the district manager when I found out he was reusing hot dogs up to three days old. He'd have employees p...

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        • Mahony

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          My mother has told me conflicting stories, so I don know what really true. In one version, she had no contractions at all until her water broke, labor wasn painful, but it hurt a little when she pushed me out three hours later. In the other version, she asked the doctor for an epidural but he wou...

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          • Barkley

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            I know I've got some nicotine kind of habit / needit's a big urge to put it mildly. Anyway, today I popped open my first package of CigRx lozenges that the FedEx man just delivered to me. Before my swim I put two of the tasty little devils against my cheek and in about 10 minutes or so they were ...

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            • Mahony

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              catsuits and bodysuits in popular media While the spending reductions in 2017 clearly hurt year over year growth, we are pleased that our focus helped deepen relationships with our top 50 customers and helped broaden and diversify our revenue contribution. This helped us partly offset some of ...

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              • Beyer

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                Honestly, find a hobby. Nurture that and it becomes an extension of yourself and your personality if you enjoy it. For instance, I had an oddly similar childhood. Block out time to organize and plan each day. You are less likely to dwell on various obligations, if you know you have an opportunity...

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